Frequently Asked Questions

How does BluBroadband provide service?

BluBroadband is a hybrid ISP providing both wireless (WISP) service and fiber service. Fiber can take months to install due to permitting with the city and county, whereas wireless can be rolled out much quicker, so we often try to service fiber customers with wireless as an intermediate step.

What is Wireless Internet?


Wireless Internet is similar to other internet providers, but instead of using coax or copper wire to get you onto the Internet we use long range wireless radios. Data is sent over a radio frequency where it hits our tower and then goes out through our Carrier Grade fiber optic backbone to the world wide web.


What Is A WISP?


A WISP stands for Wireless Internet Service Provider. Some ISPs provide connectivity through cable, others through the phone line. We think providing you internet through the air offers more options and lowers cost.


3 Easy Steps to Get Online


Give Your Address

Your address is reviewed and verified for service in 48 hours.


Choose a Date

Once verified, will schedule your installation within 1-2 weeks.


Surf The Internet

Your Internet will be active after your Professional Installation.