How Our Technology Works

Fixed Wireless Internet

BluBroadband provides a wireless signal from one of our towers to a CPE* device we install on the roof or chimney at your home or business. This gives you access to our network and therefore the Internet. We are able to provide robust, high quality internet access without having to run cable to your property. We run a standard network cable into your location from the device on your roof. The wire plugs directly into your wired or wireless router.

The Site Survey

A site survey is the first step to your new high speed internet. We require a site survey of all potential customers. The site survey tells us the signal strength and lets our technicians see potential obstructions before we install anything on your premises. There is no charge to the customer for a site survey. In most cases the installation can be completed the same day of the site survey upon positive results.

The Installation Process

Here is an example of how we will install our CPE at your location and what the different devices we use look like. The device we choose will depend on the signal strength required at your location. We place the CPE device on your roof or chimney. We will run an outdoor-rated shielded Cat5e cable from your roof, outside your house, into the location of your computer and router.

3 Easy Steps to Get Online


Give Your Address

Your address is reviewed and verified for service in 48 hours.


Choose a Date

Once verified, will schedule your installation within 1-2 weeks.


Surf The Internet

Your Internet will be active after your Professional Installation.